Heather McKenzie and Shanti Tilling are the creators of Move Your Asana® and they are experts in the fitness industry. Combined, they have been training clients and leading workouts for over 40 years and have taught more than 20,000 classes!

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Meet Heather and Shanti

Heather McKenzie and Shanti Tilling are the creators of Move Your Asana® and they are experts in the fitness industry. Combined, they have been training clients and leading workouts for over 40 years and have taught more than 20,000 classes!

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Move Your Asana
Move Your Asana Manifesto

Move Your Asana® is a lifestyle, a mindset, and a connection to the world around us.

Move Your Asana® is about smart workouts that challenge your mind and body.   When you Move Your Asana® we encourage you to nourish your body with real food, but find balance and enjoy all the tastes the world has to offer. Your body is a beautiful machine that can do AMAZING things.   The Move Your Asana® way of life develops inner and outer strength through innovative workouts and cultivates body confidence supported by a solid mind-body connection. We strive to set examples of healthy, happy living for the young people around us and support friends and strangers by leading a judgement-free life.

Heather and Shanti want YOU to join them and Move Your Asana®!

Why Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga?

Shanti and Heather designed Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga to have all the body sculpting benefits of an athletic, strength training class, combined with the flexibility, balance, and focus found in a yoga class. They are passionate about giving people the tools and the knowledge to take charge of their own bodies. They have masterfully combined the basic foundations of traditional yoga and proven fitness practices to create a workout that will kick your Asana.

Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is a non-impact, athletic, total body strength and flexibility workout that flows like a yoga class. Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is fitness that flows! It is a creative class that focuses on attention to form, intelligent sequencing, and movement through all planes of motion to create a balanced body.   Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is for all fitness levels.

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How does Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga work?

Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is a SMART workout. Each class begins with a set warm up and encouragement to move with intention. This series of dynamic, functional movements prepares the body for more intense strength and flexibility components. This set, repeated warmup allows you to engage your body and mind and begin each workout with confidence. After the warm-up, the workout flows through sequences that will challenge all of the major muscle groups. You will work on strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and agility through creative, smart sequences. These smart sequences will have you move through all three planes of movement, finding both the contractions to build strength and the length to improve flexibility. The sequences can be modified for beginners or progressed for advanced athletes. Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga delivers fast results because you build a strong and flexible body on a solid foundation.


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Why BodyShots Boxing Bootcamp™?

“The hardest workout you will ever love”

BODY SHOTS Boxing Bootcamp™ is a 60 minute high-intensity, total-body conditioning group fitness class utilizing basic boxing punches and combinations.
Alternating boxing rounds with supersets of traditional bodyweight strength exercises, BODY SHOTS Boxing Bootcamp™ participants will burn fat, build muscle, and increase cardiovascular endurance. BODY SHOTS Boxing Bootcamp™ is an innovative, interactive, and FUN group fitness program geared to challenge participants of all fitness levels.






Move your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is beneficial for a wide range of individuals;professional and recreational athletes, post partum women, individuals suffering from chronic injuries, post surgery  or anyone looking to improve their overall strength and performance.

Shanti and Heather have developed a solid sequence of exercises keeping in mind the principles of alignment, proper body mechanics and injury prevention. This program is a compilation of their extensive experience and knowledge of the human body. I feel confident that my clients will benefit from Move your Asana® Fitness•Yoga and am grateful to Shanti and Heather for this program.

Allison Megeney


I have benefited so much from Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga classes! I feel so much more strength and energy in my body and feel like my core is stronger now at age 44 than any other time in my active life! The classes are challenging and fun and I love how every exercise and isolation flows right into the next. I really feel like every minute is used to the maximum. I love that the class is coed as well!

Alexandra Graham

Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga is an absolute must have in my life. I feel very fortunate to have been one of the first in the world to have the opportunity to experience this amazing program. As an athlete, I have tried a myriad of different workouts. I can say with all honesty that Move Your Asana is the ONE workout I have found that compliments absolutely everything else I do. The attention to form and structure that Heather and Shanti have based this series on – from the warm up through the end of each class – works every single muscle in your body, strengthening through intentional, focused movements. There are always options offered for every individual so no matter what, you are given the opportunity to move toward your strongest self.

Jeanine Dixon

Heather and Shanti Airborn

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