What the heck is a WOW Factor?

2015-04-04 10.24.16

What’s up team Move Your Asana®! On Monday, June 1 at 12pm Pacific,  www.moveyourasanafitness.com launches! We are beyond excited and can’t wait to show you our rad site. Free workouts, the MYA blog, a one-stop calendar to find all of our classes and events, and more…whoop whoop!

We find inspiration and motivation daily from our clients, family, friends and YOU! The #MYAWOWFACTOR highlights a MOVE YOUR ASANA® WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW) and shows the world how we interpret the WOW.

We want YOU to JOIN us in the #MYAWOWFACTOR and SHOW US! Every Sunday, we will post a new WOW and we want YOU to Instagram your favorite pics and videos that embody the WOW. Tag #MYAWOWFACTOR and the WOW.

Sunday, May 31 is the start of a new #MYAWOWFACTOR…#WELCOME. Welcome can have so many meanings (to welcome someone, to let a new practice into your life, to allow the process to happen, etc). We #WELCOME you to Move Your Asana®. We hope that we can see your smiles in a class, on a retreat or at an event very soon. Show Us Your Welcome WOW and tag #myawowfactor #welcome .

You can follow us on Instagram at move_your_asana. Give us a shout out and we will return the love ♥.

Extra fun stuff: Shanti and Heather are often NOT in the same location in this great world of ours…but we both post daily for the #MYAWOWFACTOR. More often than not, we post very similar photos and messages without knowing we are doing so. You know what they say about great minds… HA!

All righty team, go get it! Get up and MOVE YOUR ASANA® and join us in the #MYAWOWFACTOR!!!!!

Movin’ and Groovin’