Jumping In Pool


Hey MYA Friends!  My kids are out of school and we are shifting into summer mode, and…the summer solstice is HERE!!! This is a an excellent time of year to put change into motion.  “Midsummer is a supercharged time physically and emotionally, which makes it ideal for making resolutions to: kickstart new habits, strengthen human relationships, and let go of negativity.”  Psychology Today Summer Solstice  Instead, embrace change.  You not have to make a monumental turn of events.  For me, my goal is to stop hitting the snooze button.  May seem silly, but hitting the snooze button is doing me damage.

When you doze off after your alarm wakes you in the morning, you’re actually setting yourself up to feel less alert and productive later in the day.  CNN Article on the Snooze Button

My intention:  Get up when my alarm beeps and play this track to get my booty moving!  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

What is your Summer Solstice Intention?