Now that it is officially summer,  I feel a buzz in the air. The excitement that comes with the anticipation of long summer days and warm nights. Many of us seek out adventure and set our sights high! Mack and I spend the summers at 7,000ft – in beautiful Park City, Utah. Now what, may you ask, could possibly get us to move away from our laid-back winter beach life? TRAILS. 400 miles (to be exact) of maintained legal single track for mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. After you have climbed out of valleys and through aspen groves; to look around – surrounded by all of nature’s beauty – you cannot help but feel peace in your mind and a special connection to the earth. That is why I designed Sweat Play Live’s Park City retreats. You will experience new heights both physically and mentally.

A big part of my life is about getting off the beaten path. From the time I can remember, I have saught out new and different experiences. By following this call for adventure and getting out of my comfort zone, I have learned my biggest lessons and have become a stronger and more confident version of myself. Getting off the beaten path does not have to be a dramatic leap. Sometimes you take the path that veers just slightly off the main drag. Baby steps become bigger steps, then maybe a full blown jog down a path that once seemed scary or foreign. Sweat Play Live is about FUN-sized adventures. From a fitness foundation, we then add in activities to show you what your body can do. While some guests are taking their first confident baby steps, other are sprinting down the path towards adventure – All are welcome, Sweat Play Live has adventure sized for everyone!

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Heather and I will be heading up our 2nd Annual Move Your Asana® SUMMER ESCAPE, August 5-9th. We had so much fun last year, we added an extra day! If you enjoy awesome fitness classes and breathing in clean mountain air while hiking through beautiful aspen groves, I encourage you to join us in August. This trip is full of new adventures and, as always, fun surprises!!

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