True Story: When I was 5 I tried to fly. I really wanted to be like a bird and it seemed like an amazing idea! The thought came to me while walking across the drive into a crowded mall. I saw a low wall and jumped up on top – I ran the length of the wall until I had to pull up my feet. I flapped my wings (arms) furiously and with a huge smile skidded about 100 feet on my knees… ok, only 3 feet, but it seemed like 100. I was in shock, I could not believe that I was not able to fly!! I spent the next month hobbling around as my wounded knees were cleaned and dressed twice a day. You can still see those scars on my knees today.

I wish I could tell you that I learned a huge lesson from that experience, but in reality I didn’t. As I look back on my life, I am where I am today (in my happy place) because I didn’t overthink things. I get an idea in my head and ACT – before the fear sets in and I ask myself “why not?” I can tell you that the best things in my life came from saying YES/OK/SURE – before I could talk myself out of it:

Hey, you want to move up to northern California with me and teach Taebo. OK (what’s Taebo?)

I love your classes, would you personal train me? YES

I noticed that you are training my neighbor, do you want to train me everyday too? SURE

I know all of the trails, do you want me to take you on your first mountain bike ride? OK (and crash 1000 times in the first week).

The Sea Otter Classic (MTB race) is next month, you should do it! OK

Hey, my friend just started this company called Athleta and needs some fitness models for their catalogs, you want to do it? SURE

I think you should send your modeling photos to SHAPE magazine. OK

My boyfriend just backed out, do you want to take his spot on the LA AIDS ride (in 2 days)? SURE

You may not know how to swim but you sure can ride – I will sponsor you for your first triathlon. OK

Surprise- I rented us a place in Punta de Mita, the lease starts next month – Do you want to try living in Mexico? SURE

Want to write a blog post about fear? OK (I re-wrote this 6 times)

Each of these experiences had one thing in common. They all scared the crap out of me. Many of them had me physically shaking!

If you are not living the life you have always dreamed of, I encourage you to say YES! ESPECIALLY if it scares you. Friends invite you to train to hike Mt. Shasta; A co-worker asks you to go salsa dancing; For 8 months you been driving by an art studio on the way home from work and have been saying you are going to take a class – START hiking, GO salsa dancing, TAKE that painting class! If you want to BE something different, you have to DO something different. Not everything will be the perfect fit. Did everything I said “yes” to turn into a magical experience? Definitely not. But, trusting the universe and running off walls – flapping my wings with everything I have, has landed me right here… splitting my time between Mexico and Park City, UT, married to an incredible man, living a life WAY beyond my wildest dreams. Saying yes to things, YES TO LIFE, got me to this place and it can get you to your happy place too!