Move Your Asana® N E W Lifestyle!

Greetings from Heather and Shanti!
Introducing the Move Your Asana® N E W Lifestyle program! This lifestyle program includes:
E-Education/Emotional support

NUTRITION: We are currently working with the Whole30 nutrition plan. This plan has been around since 2009 and has thousands of success stories. Additionally, there is no required cost to do this plan. All you need to do is commit to the process.

EDUCATION/EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: We strive to provide the “how” and the “why” in our lifestyle recommendations. If we give you the knowledge on how and why to take charge of your physical and emotional health, then you have the tools to lead a life of strength and confidence. We provide specific journaling and meditation tools that will guide you through the emotional drills that result in a positive and lasting mind-body connection.

WORKOUTS: Heather and Shanti LOVE to share their fitness passion (and expertise!). Now you can workout with the Move Your Asana® team everyday from just about anywhere in the world! This is MYAlive! Click here for directions on how to get set up. We would also love to see you face-to-face in any of our scheduled workouts or retreats. Check the calendar and join us! If you are not able to catch an MYAlive workout, local class or retreat, then we encourage you to find an exercise program that you love. Need help? You can book us to help you put together a personalized fitness program or schedule a full personal training session in person or via Skype or FaceTime. Just drop us an email!


The Move Your Asana® Lifestyle is based on living a life that creates a strong, confident mind-body relationship through exercise, nutrition, education, emotional support and community involvement.

The Move Your Asana® team are not certified nutritionists (yet), however we believe in and promote fueling your body in the healthiest way that works for YOUR body. We may suggest to try certain foods or ways of eating that we have tried and that may work for you. We personally test anything we recommend to you…from nutrition to equipment, clothes and products and fitness.

The next full Move Your Asana® N E W Lifestyle program starts SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 2015!

Here is what you need to do:

1.  Email and tell us that you’re IN! If you are on Facebook, we will add you to our private group! (Please include your full name so we can find you on the ‘book.)

2. Follow us:

Instagram: move_your_asana

Twitter: move_your_asana


Optional sign up for the Whole30 daily emails and forum.

Optional buy the Whole30 cookbook and It’s All About Food ***recommend you buy the cookbook, it has great information and recipes***

PREPARE. Follow the steps on the Whole30 website and cookbook. Stick to the plan. It’s ALL spelled out for you. You need to read and do the set up and then follow the plan. This nutrition plan not only works but its FREE (or close to it)!!!!

If you live or work in San Francisco, consider ordering Whole30 compliant meals from METHODOLOGY Please tell them we sent you. ***Marin friends, please advise if you’re interested and we can make it happen as a group.***

Get your body metrics tested (body fat at minimum) on Day 0 and again on Day 30. Then, put your scale away. ***If you live in the Bay Area, visit Max Muscle Marin or Max Muscle Petaluma to get an InBody scan and measurements for $5!  It’s quick and painless.***  Find your local Max Muscle franchise and inquire about their body scan and/or measurement capabilities.

Get yourself prepared to follow MYAlive by clicking here. In addition to workouts, we will offer meditation sessions, Q&A, and education on various topics. We will also add tips via our blog and through our social media outlets.
We recommend you journal your experience. We have made this easy for you! Download this Q&A journal by Dr Hailey Perlus.  Print out 1 (or 30) copies and answer the questions daily.

Get set up for MYAlive! Click here for directions.
Check the MYA Classes schedule and put your workout appointments in your personal calendar!
Contact Heather and Shanti if you need to book a private appointment.

You CAN do this. Take charge of your life!


MYAlive! Join us for LIVE streaming workouts!

We are very excited to announce MYAlive!


You can now join Shanti and Heather for LIVE STREAMING workouts from the comfort of your home, office, park, gym…anywhere! We will be offering 20-30 minute PUBLIC workouts that will include Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga, BodyShots Boxing Bootcamp™, kickass cardiokickbox, AfterBurnCardioBarre, SHRED BodyWeightBootCamp, MYA BruteForce, BandCamp, SandBlaster, CrabbyAbbys, BallsOut and MORE. We have workouts coming out of our ears and are SO excited to share them with the world!!!

Want more? We will be offering pre-paid, FULL 60-75 minute workout sessions too. Watch our Social Media posts and check the calendar to find out WHEN these FULL SWEATSESSIONS (and our short sessions) are happening, pre-pay using your PayPal account (PayPal and you will get a VIP entry into these closed sessions. We will always provide information on how to sign up and pre-pay for FULL SWEATSESSIONS.

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Say YES!


True Story: When I was 5 I tried to fly. I really wanted to be like a bird and it seemed like an amazing idea! The thought came to me while walking across the drive into a crowded mall. I saw a low wall and jumped up on top – I ran the length of the wall until I had to pull up my feet. I flapped my wings (arms) furiously and with a huge smile skidded about 100 feet on my knees… ok, only 3 feet, but it seemed like 100. I was in shock, I could not believe that I was not able to fly!! I spent the next month hobbling around as my wounded knees were cleaned and dressed twice a day. You can still see those scars on my knees today.

I wish I could tell you that I learned a huge lesson from that experience, but in reality I didn’t. As I look back on my life, I am where I am today (in my happy place) because I didn’t overthink things. I get an idea in my head and ACT – before the fear sets in and I ask myself “why not?” I can tell you that the best things in my life came from saying YES/OK/SURE – before I could talk myself out of it:

Hey, you want to move up to northern California with me and teach Taebo. OK (what’s Taebo?)

I love your classes, would you personal train me? YES

I noticed that you are training my neighbor, do you want to train me everyday too? SURE

I know all of the trails, do you want me to take you on your first mountain bike ride? OK (and crash 1000 times in the first week).

The Sea Otter Classic (MTB race) is next month, you should do it! OK

Hey, my friend just started this company called Athleta and needs some fitness models for their catalogs, you want to do it? SURE

I think you should send your modeling photos to SHAPE magazine. OK

My boyfriend just backed out, do you want to take his spot on the LA AIDS ride (in 2 days)? SURE

You may not know how to swim but you sure can ride – I will sponsor you for your first triathlon. OK

Surprise- I rented us a place in Punta de Mita, the lease starts next month – Do you want to try living in Mexico? SURE

Want to write a blog post about fear? OK (I re-wrote this 6 times)

Each of these experiences had one thing in common. They all scared the crap out of me. Many of them had me physically shaking!

If you are not living the life you have always dreamed of, I encourage you to say YES! ESPECIALLY if it scares you. Friends invite you to train to hike Mt. Shasta; A co-worker asks you to go salsa dancing; For 8 months you been driving by an art studio on the way home from work and have been saying you are going to take a class – START hiking, GO salsa dancing, TAKE that painting class! If you want to BE something different, you have to DO something different. Not everything will be the perfect fit. Did everything I said “yes” to turn into a magical experience? Definitely not. But, trusting the universe and running off walls – flapping my wings with everything I have, has landed me right here… splitting my time between Mexico and Park City, UT, married to an incredible man, living a life WAY beyond my wildest dreams. Saying yes to things, YES TO LIFE, got me to this place and it can get you to your happy place too!

Why a Fitness Retreat?

20 years ago I met Lisa. She was the manager of Skylonda, one of the original wellness retreat centers in Northern California. Every day, rain or shine, she would take guests hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains. After lunch, she would lead them through an exercise class and sometimes an additional yoga class. Can you say dream job? Maybe you can’t, but I did – I thought she had won the career lottery! Soon after, I began my training to be a Taebo instructor and within a year I was also personal training clients at a local gym. I never forgot about Lisa and knew that someday I wanted to lead my own wellness retreats. You have to remember this was 1995 and there was no such thing as a fitness or yoga “retreat.”

Fast forward to 2004 – The summer I met my now husband on an organized road cycling trip in France. (That is a whole other story). In the 11 years since our first trip, Mack and I have cycled, hiked, surfed, and scuba dived all over the world. Many of our adventures have been with organized groups or outfitters. 16 to be exact: 6 MTB trips, 1 MTB/surf/Yoga trip, 3 road cycling trips, 2 diving trips, 1 yoga retreat, 1 surf camp, 1 week of buddhist meditation study, and even 1 couple’s retreat (yikes). I will also throw in the 3 MTB multi-day stage races that we did – just because it takes some major organization to provide travel, gear, lodging and food for 50-400 racers. In addition to these organized vacations, we have also planned many of our own multi-sport trips. I didn’t know it at the time, but all of this travel was “research” for my fitness retreat company, SweatPlayLive. I know many people shy away from traveling with a group, so why do we seek out organized trips for our vacations?

  • It is a no brainer… literally. You do not have to think. All of your IMG_0342meals, activities, and transportation are set up for you. It is SO AWESOME to just show up and have everything planned out for you.
  • You know you will be staying active – YAY! You know exactly when and how much exercise you will be getting, I mean enjoying. 🙂
  • You meet like-minded (cool) people. I have become very good friends with many people we have met on our trips.  *You may even meet your future spouse!
  • Traveling to new places and enjoying the local culture with people “in the know.” When you visit a new place, especially foreign countries, local knowledge can save you tons of time and money, and why would you want to follow the herd to all the tourist traps anyways?

About 6 years ago, I started looking for a fitness retreat to go on by myself. I went to 4 of the most famous fitness retreats out there, and the schedules were all the same: Class, breakfast, class, class, lunch, sit by the pool, class, class, dinner. Now, I am not knocking it, and if that sounds great to you then I am happy to give you the names of these places. But for me, even as a fitness professional and someone who teaches and takes tons of classes, that is not what I want to do on a vacation. So I decided to create my own, and SweatPlayLive fitness retreats was born. I design each SPL retreat after my perfect day: I love to get up early and do a kick-ass workout. Dive into a healthy breakfast before our ride, hike, surf, etc. Enjoy local flavors for lunch.  Explore the area, shop, or just hang out. Do some yoga or stretch before dinner. Add in a margarita or two, and that to me is a PERFECT DAY!




I know I am a little biased, but I want to tell you why I LOVE my SPL retreats.

  • We workout every morning 1- 2 classes before breakfast. No fear… there is coffee/tea and fruit served before if you would like.
  • The meals and restaurants that we go to offer many healthy choices. When we eat out at restaurants you can order whatever you wish off the menus.
  • All the activities are included. Depending on the location, we offer hikes, surf, sup, snorkel, fun activities like zip-lining, or ropes courses. You will never see “these activities are offered at an additional cost.” (I personally hate that.)
  • Our groups are small 6-16 people. You will have individual attention and will never be lost in the crowd… or doing yoga with 100 of your closest friends.
  • SweatPlayLive started in Mexico, and I love showing people secret spots and “off the beaten path” adventures in all of our locations.
  • We offer evening yoga and/or meditation. All of our workouts and activities are optional, and if you choose to skip the day, you still can join us for an incredible mind/body stretch class.
  • There are no hidden costs. Service Fees? Nope. Airport transfers? Those are included too… and not just within a 30 minute or 1 hour window. I realize guests are traveling from all over the country and they should not be penalized if the only flight available to them arrives later that night. You land on the first day of the retreat, we pick you up.

All vacations are great time to unplug and re-connect with your true self. If you also enjoy great workouts,  outdoor adventures, and meeting other fun, like-minded women to share tons of laughs with, then I invite you to join Heather and me on our upcoming Move Your Asana® fitness retreats:

Park City Summer Escape – August 5-9th
Mexico Fall Fitness Fiesta – October 22-27th

Full details at:


Heather’s Travel to Wisconsin…What “stuff” did you do?

Travel with Kids.

I am sitting on my flight from MKE to SFO…I smell like pee. My four year old promptly feel asleep right after take off. I asked him to please not pee, but he did. So, his pants are drying the floor, his underwear are wrapped in paper towels at my feet, as he sits bottomless in one of my beautiful wraps and I smell like pee. Awesome. It actually makes me chuckle. This is just sort of how we roll.

I grew up in Waukesha, a suburb outside of Milwaukee. My parents and brother and his girlfriend still live in the area, so I try to take one, two or all three of the kids out for a visit at least once a year. We laugh at the accents…and I laugh at myself as I easily fall back into the “oh, don’t ya know”.

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon in late June and that evening I taught a super fun Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga class at the Lululemon shop in downtown Milwaukee. Friday I hung out with my boys at we did an awesome park-our workout. Check out this funny video. We did 5 circuits and then a bunch of fun drills (and I was sore on Saturday!!!). We were all sweat and smiles. Rad.

My mom was diagnosed with MDS shittyness last June.  What is MDS? Cancer sucks. She has been going thru chemo, had a transplant and is going thru more chemo now. It was nice for her to get to hang out with her grandkids. She is the best. Just getting to chat and chill was really nice. That was the main reason for the visit. Just together time.  Sitting on the couch or the floor or the counter laughing and then talking about real stuff.  This is a whole separate blog post…

This year my daughter was old enough to want to go to sleep away camp. Awesome for her, and me. I was a counselor at Camp Birch Knoll in the Great Northern Wisconsin Woods the summer after my second year at UW-Madison (Go Bucky!).  Camp Birch Knoll  She flew across country solo and my parents took her to camp for her first week. Camp Birch Knoll is an AWESOME all girls camp. If you have a daughter, you should consider sending her. The Saturday of our visist, I handed my two boys off to my mom, dad, uncle and auntie and drove 4.5 hours up to CBK. I listened to the EL James book GREY (50 Shades from Christian’s point of view) the ENTIRE drive there and most of the way back. I know, super cheesy, major queso—-but totally fun…and it kept me awake. My daughter showed me all of the cool stuff around camp that she loved and I was flooded with fond memories. My butt was broken from sitting for so long and my torn hamstring attachment was not happy, so I opted for a 60 minute power walk, planks and neutral spine abdominal work the moment we landed back at my parents house in North Prairie. Continuing to listen to my 18 hour book along the way…then I ordered a grey tie on Amazon. (Just kidding.)

Aunti and Uncle kept the boys with them in Milwaukee Saturday…and good thing. My oldest boy ended up with Norovirus and puked ALL over the place in the middle of the night. OMG. My brother, who is inching towards 50 and doesn’t have kids of his own…cleaning up my kids disaster…all night long. eek. Life lessons I guess. I got the word of my kids vomit-spectular-evening mid TRX workout on Sunday morning. I cut it short, got my daughter ready to go back for 3 more weeks of sleep-away camp (word!) and headed to Milwaukee to help with the cleanup. I picked up a few hazmat suits and entered the quarantined area. 7 year old asleep in the middle of the floor and 4 year old racked out in a bed and older brother completely wiped out. Then, my sick kid totally goes into weird delirious mode – in a strange sleep awake stake – living out the crazy dream he is having with eyes wide open but seeing nothing. (I’m not an MD, but sometimes I play one on TV. Dehydration combined with fever would be my guess…or a serious creeper invading his body. After 15 minutes, I was considering holy water.) That passed and two hours later he popped up and was totally fine. Alrighty then.

Round two for transportation to the Great North Woods for the daughter. I put her on the bus this time. I needed a break from Christian. We met the bus at a local Starbucks. There was a homeless man outside trying to pool together money for coffee and food. We ended up in line behind him and I bought him a bunch of food and coffee. He was super nice and we clinked coffee cups. I told my kids that if they are ever given the opportunity to buy someone a meal or shoes or a jacket, someone who needs it, they should absolutely do it. Its the right thing to do. Never mind the people rolling their eyes in line behind me. Let them live in their own reality and I will live in mine…where you try your best everyday, don’t make judgements, speak the truth and don’t take things personally. Those are good rules and values. I am doing my best to instill them in my kids. Anywho, off Mason Leigh rode and we back home to hang out with Nonee and Popee and chill. Park, adventures, legos, giant bubble tub, nap, solid Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga workout (where I kicked my own asana and listened to music instead of Mr. Grey, gasp), dinner with the family, bike ride, races in the grass, rides in the Cobra and sitting on the couch talking. It was a good day. We stayed back at my brother’s house that night. And, at 2am – barf splat splat – spaghetti all over the bed from the 4 year old. OMG. THIS is why I work out. So that in moments like this I can respond with the quickness and agility of a cheetah. I also have those crazy, bat-like ears, like most moms do, that hear everything. I was out of my bed, into the next room and had my 4 year old over the toilet before hurl #2 started to bubble. And I did it like a crazy ninja with not a noise. AWESOME. Spaghetti puke is gross. Bed stripped and in the wash, kid cleaned up and feeling ok and we went to sleep on the couches with a bucket next to us. No more puke…and no more sleep for me. Such is the life of a ninja mom.

It was time to head back to CA . All packed and ready to go. Ding. 10:30am flight delayed to 1:45pm. Ok. Boys are psyched…they head to play Halo. Me work. 12pm we Uber it to MKE. I think we had the ultimate hipster driver. Cereal. Um, and he didn’t help me with my 5 bags. Sorry, I don’t tip for the F of it. Inside to the gate…ding flight delayed to 2:10pm. Lame. We headed for lunch when ding…flight delayed to 3:30pm. Hey-Zeus. So now, finally en route, here we sit. I smell like pee, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. What an awesome trip we had. We didn’t “do” much “stuff”…but we got to hang out a ton and talk and laugh and puke and pee. Collecting moments, not stuff. I think that is what this is all about. You don’t have to “do” “stuff” to collect moments. You can have a crazy workout session with your kids at the park and then make a silly video and laugh so hard at it you cry. And, you can just sit on the couch with your mom and talk. And you can clean up puke and sit in pee. This is the “stuff” that makes lasting memories.

Off the beaten path – Park City Summer Escape!

Now that it is officially summer,  I feel a buzz in the air. The excitement that comes with the anticipation of long summer days and warm nights. Many of us seek out adventure and set our sights high! Mack and I spend the summers at 7,000ft – in beautiful Park City, Utah. Now what, may you ask, could possibly get us to move away from our laid-back winter beach life? TRAILS. 400 miles (to be exact) of maintained legal single track for mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. After you have climbed out of valleys and through aspen groves; to look around – surrounded by all of nature’s beauty – you cannot help but feel peace in your mind and a special connection to the earth. That is why I designed Sweat Play Live’s Park City retreats. You will experience new heights both physically and mentally.

A big part of my life is about getting off the beaten path. From the time I can remember, I have saught out new and different experiences. By following this call for adventure and getting out of my comfort zone, I have learned my biggest lessons and have become a stronger and more confident version of myself. Getting off the beaten path does not have to be a dramatic leap. Sometimes you take the path that veers just slightly off the main drag. Baby steps become bigger steps, then maybe a full blown jog down a path that once seemed scary or foreign. Sweat Play Live is about FUN-sized adventures. From a fitness foundation, we then add in activities to show you what your body can do. While some guests are taking their first confident baby steps, other are sprinting down the path towards adventure – All are welcome, Sweat Play Live has adventure sized for everyone!

MYA PC MX 2015 back 4x6

Heather and I will be heading up our 2nd Annual Move Your Asana® SUMMER ESCAPE, August 5-9th. We had so much fun last year, we added an extra day! If you enjoy awesome fitness classes and breathing in clean mountain air while hiking through beautiful aspen groves, I encourage you to join us in August. This trip is full of new adventures and, as always, fun surprises!!

Check out for registration details!

Summertime…JUMP IN!!!!!

Jumping In Pool


Hey MYA Friends!  My kids are out of school and we are shifting into summer mode, and…the summer solstice is HERE!!! This is a an excellent time of year to put change into motion.  “Midsummer is a supercharged time physically and emotionally, which makes it ideal for making resolutions to: kickstart new habits, strengthen human relationships, and let go of negativity.”  Psychology Today Summer Solstice  Instead, embrace change.  You not have to make a monumental turn of events.  For me, my goal is to stop hitting the snooze button.  May seem silly, but hitting the snooze button is doing me damage.

When you doze off after your alarm wakes you in the morning, you’re actually setting yourself up to feel less alert and productive later in the day.  CNN Article on the Snooze Button

My intention:  Get up when my alarm beeps and play this track to get my booty moving!  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

What is your Summer Solstice Intention?




“What if no one signs up for our class?”  I uttered these words on Friday morning, June 12, 2015.  I was experiencing self doubt…a feeling I am not accustomed to.  I am a confident woman.  I am confident in what my body can do and I am confident in my fitness knowledge.  So, where the heck was this self doubt coming from?  I coach confidence and strength in body and mind to my clients.  Oh my gosh, had I lost it?  I told Shanti I was nervous.  And I was.  She looked at me and said, “We have this.  We know our stuff and we just go out and do our thing.”  That helped calmed my nerves, but I still had nasty, little, self doubt poking me in my ribs.

The Telluride WOW Festival is an amazing Weekend of Wellness put on by the dynamic duo of Becca Tudor and Albert Roer.  Visualize a setting that makes your jaw drop at every angle, an altitude that quite literally takes your breath away, a group of fitness professionals that is top notch and participants that are eager and excited to soak up knowledge and sweat out smiles.  The WOW has a smaller presenter and participant list than some of the other fit-fests out there, and that is what makes it so incredibly special.  Everyone has the opportunity to connect on a real level, through non-rushed, personal conversations.  This is magic.  This is the Telluride WOW Festival.
Shanti and I officially launched on June 1, 2015.  We have been teaching our branded workouts for a long time, but The Telluride WOW Festival was our very first opportunity to teach amongst some of the industry’s best…Todd Durkin, Jonathon Ross, Ed Harrold & Dr. Haley Perlus…just to name drop a little.  It was time to put on our big girl spandex.
Tick Tock.  Almost time to present.  Remember that self doubt that was nudging me?  Well, at 12pm on Friday we found out that we had a full sign up list for our first class!  Ahhhh…and the #confidence came rushing back.  Ya know that huge, open mouth smile that I often sport in all my photos?  Well, she showed up and ate my self-doubt for lunch.  Yum.
Turns out we rocked our BodyShots Boxing Bootcamp™ class on Friday afternoon…to a full house.  Rave reviews all around and we had an absolute BLAST.  On Sunday, at 7:30am we took another full room on a journey through Move Your Asana® Fitness•Yoga, and again we were greeted with big smiles, “That was AMAZING!” and “Thank you so much for such a fabulous class that engaged every part of my body.” and “You two have the most amazing energy!”.
In the end, the #confidence that Shanti and I exuded was a bright light.  I don’t have an ultra-wiseclosure,  I only have this.  Know your stuff.  Whatever your craft is.  Learn, learn, practice, learn, fail, learn, practice and master your craft…and then wrap your arms around your #confidence and take this out into the world.  This is a big part of the Move Your Asana® manifesto, and I just lived it.  I did it.  You can do it.
Do yourself a favor and put this amazing weekend on your calendar for 2016.  We did.  Telluride WOW Festival

Fighting Fear – Building Confidence with Practice and ACTION!


New Year’s 1996, I moved up to Marin to be a Taebo instructor. I was thrilled that I was to be one of only 3 Taebo instructors outside of Billy Blank’s studio in Hollywood. I was mentored by Will Yun Lee.. yeah that guy from Wolverine. I had only been doing Taebo for 3 months and I immediately knew I didn’t want to be just another aerobics instructor. I wanted to really know the punches and kicks that I would be teaching. I wanted to be like WilI. He was incredibly confident, super skilled, and just looked bad ass… who wouldn’t want to be like him? I trained in a garage-turned-gym for 3 months straight. Hours and hours everyday – kicking, kicking, kicking, and punching. I had a goal and knew I was going to be introducing Taebo to the BayArea. Oh, did I mention, I had never done martial arts, taught anything in my life, and was PAINFULLY shy. Like, barely-look-you-in-the-eye, shy?

I rehearsed that first class probably 30-40 times and was still a nervous wreck. I had to throw up twice before even entering the group exercise room. I stumble up to the front of the class and looked out at the 60+ people and could barely introduce myself. I was shaking so much that when I got in to my fighting stance to begin demonstrating the punches, my back ankle was shaking uncontrollably. I was terrified, and to make matters worse when I began to explain the stance and punching techniques, my voice would crack. Did I want to run and hide and never be seen in that gym again? – For sure I did. But instead, I raised my voice, because I noticed that when I raised my voice it would not crack. I also started demonstrating the movements with much more emphasis – crazy big and powerful, to hide the fact that I was shaking. After that, it was like an out of body experience. I shouted like a drill sergeant, ran around the room getting in people’s faces. Kicked higher than I ever thought possible and punched so hard I probably could have knocked someone out. I am sure I made mistakes, but nobody noticed and after class people just raved about my teaching and how it was the best class they had ever taken! I was on a high – I wish I could say for days, but I had to teach my second class the next morning, 14 hours later. And the throwing up/voice cracking/body shaking-to-drill sergeant routine started all over again. And that routine lasted 12 classes a week for 6 months until I finally wasn’t panic-stricken. So what kept me coming back day after day, class after class? Passion. Passion for exercise and sharing with others.

19 years later, I have taught over 10,000 classes – from cardio kickbox to pilates. I have trained clients in their homes, offices and abroad, and lead fitness retreats through my company SweatPlayLive. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had decided, way back then, that teaching that first class was just too scary. It is one of those “sliding door” moments. I chose to face my fear and it has brought me here, to you, with Move Your Asana®. It is also taking me to present on Wednesday for the Telluride WOW festival.

You have heard it before – “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” YOUR desire HAS to be stronger than your fear. My desire to be a Taebo instructor outweighed my fear of failure, even if just barely. It was enough for me to train and endure that first class. Nobody is born with confidence. Everyone you see exuding mass confidence in every situation practiced it until it became a habit. Until that habit became part of who they are. So fake it until you become it! Even Beyonce says she has to turn into Sasha Fierce to get herself onstage. When you feel fear – TAKE ACTION! It is the first step towards building confidence – “Action kills Fear.” Maybe at first you too will need to “pretend” to be confident, strong, and sure of yourself. By practicing confidence you make it a habit and as we all know, practice makes permanent!

What the heck is a WOW Factor?

2015-04-04 10.24.16

What’s up team Move Your Asana®! On Monday, June 1 at 12pm Pacific, launches! We are beyond excited and can’t wait to show you our rad site. Free workouts, the MYA blog, a one-stop calendar to find all of our classes and events, and more…whoop whoop!

We find inspiration and motivation daily from our clients, family, friends and YOU! The #MYAWOWFACTOR highlights a MOVE YOUR ASANA® WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW) and shows the world how we interpret the WOW.

We want YOU to JOIN us in the #MYAWOWFACTOR and SHOW US! Every Sunday, we will post a new WOW and we want YOU to Instagram your favorite pics and videos that embody the WOW. Tag #MYAWOWFACTOR and the WOW.

Sunday, May 31 is the start of a new #MYAWOWFACTOR…#WELCOME. Welcome can have so many meanings (to welcome someone, to let a new practice into your life, to allow the process to happen, etc). We #WELCOME you to Move Your Asana®. We hope that we can see your smiles in a class, on a retreat or at an event very soon. Show Us Your Welcome WOW and tag #myawowfactor #welcome .

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Extra fun stuff: Shanti and Heather are often NOT in the same location in this great world of ours…but we both post daily for the #MYAWOWFACTOR. More often than not, we post very similar photos and messages without knowing we are doing so. You know what they say about great minds… HA!

All righty team, go get it! Get up and MOVE YOUR ASANA® and join us in the #MYAWOWFACTOR!!!!!

Movin’ and Groovin’